Home Additions

Home Additions

Creating an addition is a phenomenal way to dramatically increase square footage and improve the functionality of your home. More square footage means less shared spaces and clutter. Whether the addition is a bedroom, bathroom, family room space, partial or full story addition, or 3-season room, the options for home addition spaces are endless.

For example, a bedroom addition can allow siblings to have separate spaces, create a modern guest bedroom space, or a master bedroom and en suite retreat for you. A family room addition could provide functional entertainment space, a separate formal and informal living area, or even a living space just for the adults of the home. By expanding your home space you create more possibilities for your currently existing spaces.

Home additions can also benefit homeowners through increasing their home’s value. Bathroom additions significantly increase the value of a home, particularly when transforming a 1 or 2 bathroom home into a 2 or 3 bathroom home. Adding a partial or entire story to a home especially increases square footage and raises the value of a home, based on the extra space alone. Space sells, and therefore raises a home’s value.

Some types of additions bring in a higher return on investment (ROI) than others. Family room additions return about 64% nationally, making it a favorable option to expand your space. Second story additions also recoup about 64% on investment. Bathrooms have nearly 60% ROI. Anything over 50% ROI is generally seen as favorable, and nearly all types of home additions rank quite a bit higher. It is evident that home additions are great opportunities to increase your home value.

When you’re ready to begin your home addition project, include our experts at JC Green Remodeling. With over 10 years of experience remodeling homes, our primary goal is to serve our customers from idea conception to completion. We offer free estimates and will happily discuss the vision for your addition project at your home location to better understand your specific goals. JC Green Remodeling ensures that our customers are not only satisfied, but also enthusiastic about their home addition results.

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